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Personal Information Protection Policy

AKITA KAGAKU (hereinafter called “Our Company”) considers that the protection of customer’s privacy, personal information and setting contents is the duty in performing business activity by our company.

The information which is able to identify a specific individual defined by customer (hereinafter called “Personal Information”) shall be handled as follows without regard to request/ inquiry from our company’s homepage and direct inquiry over E-mail/ telephone;

  • Personal Information refers to the information which is able to identify a customer including name, address, phone number , E-mail address, etc.
  • The personal information consigned by customers will be used for the sending of E-mail and data as the contact and descriptive pamphlet or the replay to questions from our company.
  • Our company will not provide or disclose the personal information consigned by customers to the third parties in principle except for the following cases;
    1. In case of customer’s consent existed
    2. In case of formal cooperation request and referral in writing from the person who has the referral right from legal standpoint existed
    3. In case of disclosure based on regulations required
  • If a customer requests inquiry, correction and so on for its own personal information, our company will correspond upon confirming the person.
  • Our company shall conform to the applied Japanese laws and regulations and other rules about the personal information retained by our company as well as reviewing the contents of the policy and try to improve the policy.

Established on May 1, 2012

Contact details regarding the handling of personal information

As for the confirmation, request, inquiry and so on regarding personal information, please contact below;


81 Idojiri, Hirasawa, Nikaho City, Akita 018-0402
Phone (main) +81-184-37-3166
FAX 0184-36-2291
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