Greetings and management philosophy

Greetings and management philosophy


From excellent technology and assured quality to absolute confidence.

Since its foundation in 1972, AKITA KAGAKU Co., Ltd. has worked on improvement of the functions of our products through surface treatment on metallic products. We continue to devote ourselves in making the impossible possible. We feel joy when our manufacturing and the products we treated help the world, and keep working every day hoping to contribute to the society and address development of the community as well as happiness of our employees and their families. We will keep providing confidence to our customers with sincerity and efforts as our corporate philosophy.

Management philosophy

To have the company grow and develop by addressing the expectations of our customers and to work on addressing happiness for all employees and their families while also contributing to the development of the society and local community.

Management policy

  1. We will provide better products and services to improve the degree of satisfaction for our customers.
  2. We will actively challenge improvement ideas and new methods without fear of failure.
  3. We will ensure safe and bright workplace environment with thorough implementation of morning meetings and 5S.
  4. We will leave the environment safe for our children by ensuring environment-friendly treatments.

Quality policy

With "providing confidence to customers" our basic policy, AKITA KAGAKU Co., Ltd. specifies the following quality policy.

  1. We will provide quality that is relied upon by our customers with our ingenuity, contrivance, efforts and sincerity.
  2. We will continuously review our manufacture methods, and improve the quality, delivery date, and cost to better our technical strength.
  3. We consider complaints as indications of things we missed, and we will appreciate it, honestly apologize for it and handle it quickly and seriously.

Environmental policy

1. Basic principle

As a surface treatment manufacturer, AKITA KAGAKU Co., Ltd. will actively work on effective utilization of resources and protection of the ecosystems to address harmony between corporate activities and the global environment, and fulfill our responsibilities to the society.

2.Environmental policy

  1. To observe the environment-related laws, regulations and agreements.
  2. To specify goals which reflect the various conditions of our business activities and continuously address improvements in environmental loads through their implementation.
    • Reduction in energy usage
    • Reduction in special industrial wastes
    • Suppression of fluorine emission
  3. To recognize the finiteness of global resources, and work on resource-saving and energy-saving activities within the technically and economically possible range.
  4. To promote the 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse) activities.
  5. To ensure thorough notification of our environmental policy to all employees through environmental training and enlightenment activities.
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