What is pickling?

By intentionally making the surface of stainless steel rough, it is possible to remove the scorch from machining or provide uniform whitish delustering effect on the surface.
We have a 3000 x 4000 x 2500 mm treatment tank, which enables scorch removal and uniform surface beautification on large products.


  • Surface finish without luster like light blasting is addressed.
  • It is also used for removal of discoloration on the substrate for coating, wire-cut surface and so forth as well as cleaning of the SUS surface.

Cautionary notes, etc.

  • Since stainless steel of 400 type tend to develop rough surfaces, consultation will be necessary in advance
  • Consultation is necessary in advance for products with dissimilar metal such as iron attached.

While the main purpose is to remove the scorch from welding on stainless steel products, it is also used to remove staining from surface.

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