Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system

AKITA KAGAKU also takes quality control seriously. Not to speak of check on each process, we have earned absolute confidence from our customers, having established the quality assurance system with thorough check on product appearance and analysis.

Appearance inspection

Appearance inspection is implemented before shipment after each treatment process to ship treated products which satisfy the customer requests.

Plating thickness measurement
(X-ray spectrometric film thickness meter)

It measures the film thickness for metal plating such as electroless nickel plating and galvanization with high precision.

Plating solution analysis
(ion chromatography)

It check the amounts of ion in liquid and measures the acid/alkali concentration with high precision.

Plating solution analysis
(atomic absorption spectrophotometer)

It analyzes the concentration of a specific metal by combusting the metal dissolved in liquid and applying a light with a wavelength specific to the metal to be measured.

Plating solution analysis

It measures the concentration of organic chemicals such as dye, which cannot be measured by atomic absorption.

Plating solution analysis
(ICP mass spectrometer)

This is a ultrahigh-precision analysis device which is capable of detecting what metals are contained in the liquid in one analysis.

Hardness measurement
(film microhardness tester)

This is a film microhardness tester which is capable of measuring the hardness of the product surface from depth 5μm. It measures the surface hardness of plating films and so forth.

Magnifying observation
(digital microscope)

It can be used to observe the surface conditions and measure the thickness of plating film cross section. It is also possible to synthesize the images into a three-dimensional shape and observe the minute projections and depressions intuitively.


  • Eddy-current film thickness meter (alumite film thickness, etc.)
  • Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) meter (effluent quality, etc.)
  • Simplified surface roughness tester
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