Non-chromium chemical conversion coating

Characteristics of surface treatment

Each type of surface treatment has various different characteristics. The typical characteristics are listed below.

List of main characteristics

Plating menu Rust prevention effect Film thickness Typical hardness (Hv) Color
Electroless nickel (including baking) ◎+ 5~50 500~750 Stainless steel color
Night Nickel® 6~10 400~700 Black
PTEF electroless nickel plating 8~12 250~450 Dark gray
Electrolytic polishing (austenitic stainless steel) ◎+ -5~-15   Luster on base material
Passivation (stainless steel in general) ◎+ 0   Colorless
White alumite 5~10 100~200 Color of the base material
Colored alumite ○+ 15~30   Colored
Hard alumite ○+ 15~35 300~400 Gray to bronze
Thick, hard alumite ○+ 30~ 350~450 Dark gray
Non-chromium chemical conversion ~1   Colorless
Galvanization (bright chromate) 5~10   Colorless to blue
Galvanization (chromate) 5~10   Yellow
Galvanization (black chromate) 8~13   Black
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