Electrolytic polishing plant

One of the largest electrolytic polishing plants in Japan

The electrolytic polishing plant of AKITA KAGAKU is one of the largest in Japan. To address plating on products whose sizes continuously increase every year, our new electrolytic polishing plant started its operation in 2004. It is capable of treating objects up to about 10 tons. Please contact us if you have problems in electrolytic polishing on large products.

Electrolytic polishing has various other characteristics besides the apparent luster. First, it reduces the surface roughness and improves the corrosion resistance. It is under the spotlight for application in various different fields including vacuum devices and tanks for medical use.

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Treatment examples

We treated a vacuum chamber a little taller than 4m with electrolytic polishing. Even though the depth of electrolytic polishing tank is approximately 2.3m, the double size can be treated by executing the treatment half at a time (with register mark).

We treated the door of the vacuum chamber with electrolytic polishing. Although it is a product with many ribs (partitions), treatment is carried out by inserting an auxiliary cathode into each chamber to ensure current supply.

This is a scene from the work process. By inserting an auxiliary cathode in parts such as corners where electric current might not reach due to obstructions, electrolytic polishing is performed on the entire surface of the product.

This is a scene from pickling before electrolytic polishing. As we have a pickling tank with the same size as the electrolytic polishing tank, uniform pickling process is possible even on an extremely large product. This process makes the electrolytic polishing finish even more beautiful.

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